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The World is on Fire.

What the fuck? Did we go meta? Are we suddenly inserts in a Matrix-esque universe and the only way out is a computer program run by bald guy who looks way better in vinyl than I? Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker, guys. I'm exhausted. Anyone else about to lose their shit in a very non "Jesus take the wheel" kind of way? What even has the last three years and eleven months been?


Let's recap.

We (NOT I.) elected an orange malignant narcissistic fuckmuppet to the White House. Yay. Hail to the fucking chief. Orange fuckmuppet proceeds to drop a bomb that explodes into blatant hatred for minorities, buoying hate groups, feeding bootlickers, justifying abuse of authority excusing and abetting brutality through various law enforcement power structures, sanctifies blatant MURDER of peaceful protesters by extremist bawbags and then wraps it all up by absolutely BLOWING any semblance of handling a worldwide pandemic in our country and throws a tantrum on twitter because he lost the election, choosing instead, to refuse to accept the verified results and file lawsuits that no respecting lawyer should ever consider handling. Add that to the various "normal" traumas and hardships I and others have faced this year, and ya'll.... I'm about to lose my religion.

I have never been more ashamed to be an American than I am right now. Never have I seen this level of intensity or tension among the people of this country. It. Is. Fucking. EXHAUSTING. trying to explain to these absolute shit gibbons that YES, EVERY HUMAN BEING deserves human rights just by virtue of being born. That NO. You don't get a say in what that woman over there does with her body. YES, EVERYONE deserves excellent healthcare regardless of their ability to pay. YES trans people people. NO your religion doesn't get to dictate my next move or anyone else's.

Tags: 2020, biden, election, exhaustion, healthcare, pandemic, politics, religion, the collective, trump

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