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I was curled up in my chair writing something completely different today, and while trying to work out the feelings of one of my characters, these thoughts drifted in, and I just had to get them out.

Things I have Discovered about Being a Woman

Your Beauty really DOES lie in the eye of the beholder, and if you're really lucky, that beholder loves you unconditionally, imagined flaws, morning temper, and all.

Fearlessness in most situations is a necessity and will serve you well.

I come from a long line of amazing women, and while we are strong by our very nature, I now know you don't realize the true depth of the strength inside of you until being strong is the only choice you're given. That's when you find faith in yourself again.

I am breakable, but, only to the degree that I ALLOW myself to be broken.

It doesn't matter how old I get, I will always need my mom's love and advice and somedays want to bury my head against my daddy's chest and hide from the world.

There will be days where you just don't enjoy being a mom, and that's ok. There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed or mourning a little for the days when you could wake-up on the weekend with your husband and spend the day in your PJ's being lazy together. You still love your kid and that's all that matters.

When afraid or stressed, we will hide behind a facade of tranquility and do what needs to be done, never allowing it to show so we can protect the ones we love.

If you have a personal grievance with my family or I, I will hear you out, but if you come after my child, I will fiercely protect him, and switftly destroy you.

We love with a fiery passion and hate in equal measures.

We will do many things we never imagined for love, and we will do it happily and without regret.

Sometimes a night around a bonfire with good friends and good beer can heal you.

You will never agree with your In-Laws 100% of the time. You must learn how to say "No." "None of your business.", "I disagree." "Sorry, I can't." and also to take advice with a smile when you really want to throw something across the room. All of this must be done politely and with tact. It's ok if you never get the hang of it completely. Just go home and take a shot. Whiskey is best....

Sometimes you find excitement in the weirdest of places and situations.

Jealousy and self loathing are pointless and a waste of energy.

Sometimes you're other half will surprise you and make you feel beautiful and insanely loved in ways you never thought were possible. Usually when you need it the most.

Sometimes, it's ok the leave the house without make-up, self confidence is all the cosmetic you need.

We are just as capable as men of doing things that most people consider to be purely masculine activities and sometimes, we're better at it.

It's ok to cry, but only in the company of those you can trust. The Shower is the best place if you don't want to be seen or overheard.

Our biggest flaw is forgetting our worth, courage, strength, beauty, and impact. We really do have the power to change things for the better.

Never underestimate the power of a fudge brownie sundae, a cup of good coffee, a favorite T.V. show, and a good friend. They work miracles.

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